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Catholic Reentry Accompaniment


      As Catholics are released from incarceration, we offer to walk

with them (accompaniment), and endorse and introduce them to

the parish pastor, deacon and others capable of supporting full

participation in the Sacramental Life of the Catholic Church.

      Many leaving incarceration are burdened with obstacles that inhibit 

successful employment, housing, transportation, food, etc. Often, as

in many of our busy lives, we struggle to nurture our Spiritual needs.

      While this is not a formal mentoring program, it can support such programs as Mentoring4Success and other similar efforts focused on the practical and tangible needs of this population by offering spiritual food for the journey as well as the nurturing of a Christian community.

      SDPO seeks to provide a companion to ACCOMPANY any Catholic desiring to become actively engaged or to complete RCIA and be welcomed into the Catholic Church. 

    If you are interested or have questions, visit the Contact Us page and or send an email to

Click here for supporting documentation on this topic.

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